Police & Crime


Erica Norton with Lieutenant Bensen, FW Police

Let’s face it.  We need the police!  When I have an emergency, my first instinct is to call 911 and ask them for help.  Federal Way police officers were there for me when I called them and they protected me during a potential break-in at my home. As a woman of color, I felt safe with Federal Way police. The police are important to the safety and well-being of our city.  They need our support.

There have been council discussions regarding defunding the police force in Federal Way.  I’ve had negative experiences with police, and I believe they were based on my skin color.  I’ve also had positive interactions with police officers, where I felt respected and was treated in a fair manner. If we don’t have our police, we will be living by the rules of the jungle. Are you ready to live in a jungle?

There are solutions that do not involve defunding our police force.

Instead of reducing funding, we should increase the number of our police officers. Out of hundreds of police departments in the State of Washington, Federal Way police department is one of 8 that have CALEA accreditation. Our police are trained to see us as fellow human beings. They understand their job is to protect and serve us.  

Let’s take a stand to protect our police force and the safety of Federal Way!


It seems that crime pays lately. Petty theft, shoplifting, and assaults in public areas are on the rise in Federal Way. Car break-ins and broken windows are becoming the standard. Store owners and managers feel helpless in the onslaught of continuous shoplifting taking place in our city. People do not feel safe in our parks and walking trails. Why are we allowing this to be normalized? This is not the Federal Way I moved to 12 years ago. We have the responsibility to stop the crime in our city.

What are the solutions?

City Mandates and Policies

We must make Federal Way a place that is no longer comfortable in which to shoplift. When criminals are punished properly for their behavior, it is less likely they will repeat it. Achieving these goals will take a concerted effort on the part of the City Council and the citizenry of Federal Way. We must apply the necessary pressure to encourage the Prosecuting Attorney to reinstate prosecuting petty theft and other crimes that are detrimental to our lives and community.

Increase Security

We must increase our security.  Our citizens and businesses deserve to live and operate knowing they will be protected. I am willing to do what is necessary to see that our city becomes a safe place for everyone to live and do business again.

Give Power to the Police to Enforce the Laws

Our police force must be able to enforce the laws and protect our community. They need our support.

Community Coalitions

Citizen-driven action is historically the only way negative situations are resolved in our country. We have a duty to our community to join together and create the world we want. We are powerful when we speak as one voice. It is entirely possible to make the changes we want, but WE must take responsibility and take action now.